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May 21st, 2024
Shaping Vancouver’s Startup Scene: New York Institute of Technology Vancouver

Vancouver's startup scene is brimming with innovative ideas that reshape industries. But how do you join the action? We’re thrilled to have New York Institute of Technology Vancouver on board as one of our Diamond sponsors this year to help!

New York Institute of Technology Vancouver currently has a number of master degree programs specifically designed for entrepreneurs, as well as enthusiasts looking to expand their current skill set. Read on to learn more about New York Institute of Technology Vancouver’s master degree programs, how you can get involved, and how they’re contributing to our vibrant startup ecosystem, here in BC!

(Please note the following responses have been edited for concision and readability)

New York Institute of Technology Vancouver is known for its STEM programs. Can you elaborate on how these programs cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset and equip students with the skills (e.g., design thinking, agile methodology) to thrive in the fast-paced startup world?

“At the New York Institute of Technology Vancouver campus, our STEM programs are specifically designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and equip students with the necessary skills to excel in the dynamic startup ecosystem. Here's how our programs in MBA, cybersecurity, and energy management contribute to this:

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Program: This program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. It combines a strong foundation in business fundamentals with courses focused on innovation and creativity. Students learn practical skills like venture capital, startup financing, and market analysis, while also developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They get a chance to connect with successful entrepreneurs through guest lectures, networking events, and mentorship programs, gaining valuable insights into launching and managing their own startups.

Check out our summer MBA program here!

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Program: This program prepares students for cybersecurity challenges in startups. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to protect sensitive information and fight cyber threats. Students learn the latest technologies and techniques through a combination of lectures, labs, simulations, and real-world projects. The program also emphasizes the importance of innovation and agility, which is crucial for success in the fast-paced startup world.

Check out our summer Cybersecurity program here!

Master of Energy Management Program: This program gets students ready for the booming sustainable energy sector. It focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to understand energy markets, technologies, and policies. The program encourages innovation and problem-solving, prompting students to explore disruptive ideas and technologies that can change the traditional energy landscape. Whether it's creating clean energy solutions or optimizing energy management systems, this program prepares students to be impactful leaders in the future of energy startups."

Check out our summer Energy Management Program here!

Vancouver Startup Week (VSW) thrives on connection. What programs/initiatives does New York Institute of Technology Vancouver offer that encourage students to collaborate with external startups, allowing them to gain real-world experience and contribute to innovative ventures?

“At the New York Institute of Technology Vancouver campus, we offer a range of initiatives designed to connect students with external startups and provide real-world experience. Our career resources include workshops and information sessions that cover entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry insights. Additionally, we host career fairs where students can engage with startup representatives and explore job opportunities. We actively promote industry events such as Vancouver Startup Week and encourage students to attend, helping them build networks and discover collaboration opportunities. These efforts prepare our students for success in the dynamic startup ecosystem by fostering practical skills and industry connections.”

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New York Institute of Technology Vancouver graduates consistently impress employers. What unique qualities or experiences set them apart, making them highly sought-after by those in the dynamic startup scene? (e.g., project-based learning, interdisciplinary approaches)

"At the New York Institute of Technology Vancouver campus, our graduates stand out in the dynamic startup scene due to several unique qualities and experiences.

*New York Tech focuses on recruiting top students for our Master's degree programs and ensures that our graduates possess exceptional talent and potential. They bring diverse perspectives and valuable skills to the table, making them highly sought-after by employers in the startup ecosystem.

New York Tech’s curriculum also emphasizes project-based learning. Our newly expanded campus at the Broadway Tech Centre has added facilities like the Energy Management / Innovation Lab that provide students with hands-on experience and practical skills that are directly applicable in real-world startup environments.

Additionally, initiatives like the New York Tech's Edward Guiliano Global Fellowship Program offer our students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain valuable experiences outside of their comfort zone. This program provides the opportunity for students to travel at least 200 miles from their home or campus and engage with different cultures, conducting research, or pursuing creative projects and develop a global perspective and cultural awareness that are invaluable assets in the startup world.”

Beyond technical skills, what soft skills (e.g., communication, problem-solving) does New York Institute of Technology Vancouver prioritize to ensure graduates are well-equipped to hit the ground running in a startup environment?

“At New York Institute of Technology Vancouver, we recognize the critical importance of equipping our students with a diverse set of soft skills to excel in dynamic startup environments. In addition to fostering technical expertise, New York Tech prioritizes the development of communication, problem-solving, adaptability, creativity, and leadership skills among its students.

Communication skills are honed through various avenues such as class discussions, presentations, and collaborative projects. Our curriculum integrates opportunities for students to articulate their ideas effectively, both orally and in writing, ensuring they can convey complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner.

Problem-solving abilities are cultivated through hands-on learning experiences, case studies, and real-world projects. Our faculty encourages students to approach challenges with analytical thinking, creativity, and resilience, preparing them to navigate the uncertainties inherent in startup ventures.

Moreover, New York Tech provides a range of resources to further enhance students' readiness for the local industry:

TalkMasters: Our TalkMasters program offers workshops, seminars, and networking events where students can refine their public speaking and presentation skills. These sessions provide invaluable opportunities for students to practice articulating their ideas with confidence and clarity.

Hackathons: New York Tech regularly organizes hackathons, hack nights, and coding competitions that encourage students to collaborate, innovate, and prototype solutions under tight time constraints. These events foster creativity, teamwork, and rapid problem-solving skills, mirroring the fast-paced nature of startup environments.

Communication Workshops: Through specialized workshops and seminars, students receive targeted instruction on effective communication strategies, including interpersonal communication, negotiation techniques, and professional etiquette. These sessions empower students to build strong relationships, resolve conflicts, and navigate diverse team dynamics in startup settings.

Entrepreneurship Programs: New York Tech offers entrepreneurship programs and incubator spaces where students can explore their startup ideas, receive mentorship from industry experts, and gain hands-on experience in launching and scaling new ventures. These initiatives provide invaluable support and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills and resources needed to succeed in the competitive startup landscape.

By prioritizing the development of these essential soft skills and providing a rich array of resources and opportunities, New York Tech ensures that its graduates are well-prepared to thrive in the dynamic and challenging environment of startup entrepreneurship in Vancouver and beyond.”


Building a successful startup requires strong connections. Does New York Institute of Technology Vancouver have programs or resources to help graduates connect with potential employers and collaborators at events like VSW?

“At New York Institute of Technology Vancouver, fostering connections and networking opportunities for our graduates is a top priority. We recognize the significance of building strong relationships with potential employers, collaborators, and industry leaders to support our students' career aspirations, including those in the startup ecosystem, such as events like Vancouver Startup Week (VSW).

Here are some programs and resources that New York Tech offers to help graduates connect with potential employers and collaborators at events like VSW:

Alumni Network: New York Tech maintains a robust alumni network spanning various industries and geographical regions, including Vancouver's startup community. Alumni often serve as valuable mentors, advocates, and connections for current students and recent graduates, providing insights, advice, and potential career opportunities.

Career Services: New York Tech's Career Services office provides comprehensive support to students and alumni, offering assistance with resume building, interview preparation, job search strategies, and networking techniques. Career advisors help students identify and pursue opportunities within the startup ecosystem, including participation in events like VSW.

Networking Events: New York Tech organizes networking events, industry panels, and guest speaker series featuring prominent entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals from the startup community. These events offer students and alumni valuable opportunities to expand their professional networks, learn from industry experts, and explore potential collaborations.

Internship and Job Placement Assistance: New York Tech's internship and job placement assistance programs connect students and recent graduates with internship opportunities, entry-level positions, and career advancement prospects within startup companies, tech firms, and other entrepreneurial ventures. These resources help students gain practical experience, build industry connections, and transition into meaningful roles within the startup ecosystem.

Collaboration with Industry Partners: New York Tech actively collaborates with industry partners, startup accelerators, and innovation hubs to create opportunities for students and graduates to engage with the local startup community. Through partnerships with organizations involved in events like VSW, New York Tech facilitates access to networking opportunities, workshops, and mentorship programs that support students' entrepreneurial endeavor.

Overall, New York Tech is committed to empowering its graduates with the connections, resources, and support they need to thrive in the competitive landscape of startup entrepreneurship. By leveraging our alumni network, career services, networking events, internship programs, and industry partnerships, New York Tech ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to forge successful careers and make meaningful contributions to Vancouver's vibrant startup ecosystem.”

VSW attracts a diverse range of industry leaders. Does New York Institute of Technology offer any career fairs or events specifically designed to connect graduates with exciting opportunities within the startup ecosystem?

“New York Institute of Technology Vancouver recognizes the importance of providing students and graduates with tailored opportunities to connect with industry leaders and explore exciting career prospects within the startup ecosystem. While New York Tech doesn't specifically host a career fair focused solely on startups like Vancouver Startup Week (VSW), it offers a variety of career resources and events designed to support students' entrepreneurial aspirations and connect them with opportunities in the startup community.

Here are some of the career resources available to New York Tech students interested in pursuing careers within the startup ecosystem:

Career Fairs: New York Tech organizes career fairs and networking events that bring together a diverse range of employers, including startup companies, tech firms, and entrepreneurial ventures. These events provide students with opportunities to interact directly with recruiters, learn about job openings, and explore potential internship and employment opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship Workshops and Seminars: New York Tech hosts workshops, seminars, and panel discussions focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and startup culture. These events feature guest speakers, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs who share their experiences, insights, and advice with students interested in launching their own ventures or joining startup teams.

Industry Partnerships and Collaborations: New York Tech collaborates with industry partners, startup accelerators, and innovation hubs to create internship programs, job placement opportunities, and networking events tailored to students interested in pursuing careers within the startup ecosystem. These partnerships facilitate connections with startup founders, investors, and industry leaders, allowing students to explore career paths and build professional relationships within the startup community.

Alumni Network and Mentoring: New York Tech’s alumni network includes graduates who have established successful careers in various industries, including entrepreneurship and startups. Alumni often serve as mentors, advisors, and connectors for current students and recent graduates, providing guidance, support, and networking opportunities to help them navigate the startup landscape and advance their careers.

Overall, New York Tech is committed to providing students with a range of career resources, events, and opportunities to explore and pursue exciting prospects within the startup ecosystem. By leveraging its extensive network, industry partnerships, and entrepreneurial initiatives, New York Tech empowers students to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable experience, and embark on fulfilling careers in the dynamic world of startups.”

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Innovation on the Horizon: With technology constantly evolving, what exciting areas of focus or research is New York Institute of Technology exploring that could have a significant impact on the future of startups?

“At the New York Institute of Technology Vancouver campus, we are continuously exploring exciting areas of focus and research that could significantly impact the future of startups. Our curriculum integrates emerging technologies, ensuring that students are well-prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's startup ecosystem.

In our latest Employer & Student Showcase hosted by New York Tech Vancouver, students presented their projects to industry professionals, employers, and partners. These projects showcased the integration of various recently emerged technologies, including Gen AI, demonstrating our commitment to fostering innovative thinking among our students.

Moving forward, New York Tech will continue to prioritize innovative research and education to empower our students and contribute to the development of the local community and beyond.”

A huge thank you to the New York Tech team for their insightful participation in this interview. Their dedication to fostering the next generation of innovators is truly inspiring!

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur with a game-changing idea or an aspiring tech leader seeking to upskill, New York Tech has something for you. Head over to their website to explore their programs and discover how you can become part of the future of innovation!

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