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May 4th, 2024
Spicing Up the Melting Pot: A Conversation with Jordan, the Founder of Sriracha Revolver

Do you measure your happiness in Scoville units? If so, we have the perfect person to meet: Jordan, the founder of Sriracha Revolver, a hot sauce company so good, it'll make your taste buds do a happy dance (or maybe cry a little, we won't judge).

"If anyone out there has an idea they are passionate about I would encourage them to believe in it, and to share it" - Jordan Hocking

Jordan Hocking, founder of Sriracha Revolver, is a passionate entrepreneur bringing people together through her unique hot sauces. Her story is one of following her passion, embracing her heritage, and creating a space for others in the food industry.

A Blend of Cultures

Jordan's background is a blend of Plains Cree and Irish descent. She is a member of Sweetgrass First Nation in Treaty 6 Territory, but she was born and raised in Vancouver, a city known for its diverse food scene. "Vancouver is such a food hub from so many cultures and I am such a lover of food and travel," Jordan says. "Food brings people together and builds community and that's one of my favorite things about cooking and sharing food with others."

From Home Cook to Hot Sauce Entrepreneur

Jordan's love of food led her to start making hot sauce for friends and family. She found it to be a creative outlet and a rewarding hobby. "Not too surprisingly, the name for my business is all about bringing cultures together in a unique way," she explains. "Sriracha is a style of hot sauce that originates in Thailand, and revolver is a Spanish verb for a chaotic mixture or to mix and mess something up."

jordan hocking

Jordan's hot sauces are inspired by Thai cooking, but she uses a variety of ingredients from different cultures to create a unique and delicious flavor profile. "I am inspired by Thai cooking to bring together all elements of flavour in balance to create something delicious and I try to do that using diverse ingredients and many that are shared across different cultures as well," she says.

Building a Brand and Finding Her Voice

Building a business from her passion for hot sauce was not easy for Jordan. "Building a love of cooking into a business plan was a very intimidating process and I felt very alone in my pursuit of making this idea become a business," she says. Despite having a background in sales and marketing, Jordan was new to food manufacturing. She didn't even have a Food Safe Certificate, but she was determined to succeed.

For the first few years of her business, Jordan focused on branding and marketing her products without putting herself in the spotlight. "I really focused on the brand and the products," she says. "I guess there was definitely a part of me that didn't feel like I fit into the food business. I certainly have never seen anyone like me doing what I do."

However, over time, Jordan was encouraged to share her story and become more visible as the face of her brand. "I really believe that my brand has grown in a positive direction specifically because I am a visible part of the brand story," she says. "It is beautiful to see that the wider food community wants to support and include Indigenous businesses. I am happy to be the person that the next Indigenous food producer will see and know that there is a space for them here too."

Hot Sauces

A Supportive Indigenous Food Community

Jordan is grateful for the support she has received from the Indigenous food community in Vancouver. "The Indigenous food community here is very tight," she says. "I am so pleased to know and work with other Indigenous food entrepreneurs and we share our resources, experience and opportunities with each other all the time."

Jordan believes that this supportive community will help to pave the way for the next generation of Indigenous entrepreneurs in the food business. "If anyone out there has an idea they are passionate about I would encourage them to believe in it, and to share it" she says.

The Future of Sriracha Revolver

With seven years under her belt, Jordan is still passionate about Sriracha Revolver and the potential of her products. "I feel like Sriracha Revolver is just getting started," she says. "I love the way that hot sauce is both a staple and luxury at the same time. It only adds joy to the world. I love that I get to do that for others. I'm going to keep going!"

We are honored to have been able to support and spotlight your story Jordan - thank you for sharing! Jordan's story is an inspiration to anyone who is following their dreams. She is a talented entrepreneur who is making a difference in the food industry by bringing cultures together through her delicious hot sauces. If you're looking to spruce up your next meal (because who isn't?), Sriracha Revolver might be calling your name - find the hot sauce for you here.

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